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Core Strategies for innovative Service Development and interdisciplinary Collaboration

The company approach summarizes important core strategies and thus provides an understanding of how we work. With the formulated core strategies, we would like to make a contribution to getting to know DutyPay better.

Each of these strategies represents our efforts to constantly improve and keep our finger on the pulse. We combine modern working methods, advanced technologies and a collaborative corporate culture. In this way, we create an attractive work environment for our employees and innovative solutions for companies.

HubSystem Strategy: Mastering Complexity intelligently

DutyPay overcomes the challenges of regulatory complexity through intelligent organization.

For this we have developed the HubSystem strategy, which is based on the MARCH architecture (Microservices, API-First, Rules Engine, Cloud-Native, Headless). This architecture enables us to efficiently adapt and expand.

For a clear administration of all compliance tasks, we develop so-called hub applications, such as the TaxHub for VAT services. During development, our designers are guided by the design principles: coherence, focus, simplicity, politeness, tolerance and accessibility. This enables all users to have the best possible experience at all times.

All these applications are integrated into our platform and enable companies to have centralized, multilingual compliance administration.

Thanks to our HubSystem strategy, we are reducing the time to market for new hub applications.

Service Strategy: Designing Services in a customer-oriented Manner

DutyPay is a reliable and long-term partner for regulatory tasks. With our service strategy, we transform complex requirements into effortless and intuitive solutions.

We aim to provide a comprehensive service offering for all compliance needs. If we do not offer a required service by default, we will endeavor to provide it as a customized service within our current capabilities.

A central part of our service strategy is fair and transparent pricing. We always strive for the best price-performance ratio for our customers.

Success in the form of long-term customer relationships confirms our service strategy and drives us to further improve our services.

Technology Strategy: Strengthen Technology as the Backbone for Compliance

At DutyPay, we see technology as the enabler and backbone for effortless compliance.

The technology strategy emphasizes flexibility and compatibility for integrating external systems. Integrations of as many marketplaces, shop and ERP systems as possible should enable automatic data transfer without neglecting individual customer requirements.

Thanks to highly scalable data processing, the platform adapts dynamically to growing customer needs and enables efficient management of large amounts of data. Reliable and secure data storage enables compliance with audit requirements and legal retention requirements.

Overall, the technology strategy is aimed at continuously developing the existing technological basis for all compliance solutions. The focus is on security, flexibility and the ability to adapt dynamically to changing requirements.

Communication Strategy: Simplicity and Clarity

Clear and understandable communication is at the heart of effortless compliance. Our communication strategy is all about simplicity and clarity.

We are constantly working to expand the range of languages we support and to meet all customer language requirements.

With intercultural competence, we overcome a variety of language and cultural barriers for our customers. It enables us to have a professional and respectful exchange with partners and authorities.

To ensure that the exchange of information is understandable, we attach great importance to the design of our communication.

Partner Strategy: Working together for a strong Network with powerful Hubs

Digitization has made data exchange easier and more accessible. At DutyPay we use these technical possibilities for comprehensive compliance.

We enable customers to involve external people for data provision and verification, thereby promoting the improvement of data quality.

We encourage the involvement of tax consultants and other domain experts in our customers' compliance processes.

In view of the large number of international compliance requirements, we are constantly expanding our partner network.

Through this partner strategy, we create a strong network of powerful hubs, successful customers and competent experts.

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