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Understanding Relevance

Intrastat is a system for collecting statistical data on movements of goods between member states of the European Union.

Companies that exceed certain thresholds must submit Intrastat declarations. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in fines and trade sanctions.

Knowing the Regulatory Framework

The European Business Statistics Regulation aims to ensure accurate information on trading activities within the European Union. This enables companies and policymakers to make the internal market more efficient and make more informed decisions.

National authorities monitor compliance with Intrastat obligations. Authorities work closely together and can identify and display incomplete or missing Intrastat declarations through cross-border and intra-authority data exchange.

Using Information and Communication Systems

The authorities in the Member States of the European Union generally provide electronic platforms for the submission of Intrastat declarations.

The requirements and technical possibilities for the declarations range from manual uploads to automatic submissions via interfaces.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Despite the binding Intrastat regulation, there are large differences in requirements between the member states of the European Union, which are due to national needs and laws.

Companies can optimize processes and meet requirements by relying on expert services. This support enables efficient use of resources for sustainable success.

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