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The world of regulation is constantly changing. In order to be successful, companies must be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to new requirements.

Regulatory changes can reduce or increase existing compliance requirements or even create new ones. This applies to start-ups, giants and upcoming giants in e-commerce alike.

Legal obligations such as VAT returns or packaging licenses create regulatory market entry barriers. These barriers often cause incalculable costs and liability risks for companies, which prevent or delay the decision for or against entering the market.

Existing market participants benefit from higher requirements from an increase in the market entry barrier for new competitors. For this additional protection, they in turn have to bear the costs for necessary adjustments in the company.

The ability to quickly adapt relevant company processes to changing compliance requirements is a decisive competitive advantage.

DutyPay's mission is to support companies of all sizes comply with laws and regulations effortlessly and intuitively.

To meet compliance requirements, we combine expert knowledge and technologies in a secure environment on our compliance software platform "HubSystem". Interfaces connect the HubSystem with relevant data from companies, electronic marketplaces and government systems.

The compliance software and supplementary services ensure that compliance requirements can be identified and met in areas such as value added tax, data protection, environmental protection and many more.

We use compliance as a tool to give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage in a highly competitive, globalized and digitized economy.

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