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VAT Data Service

Service Description

DutyPay makes VAT compliance easy with VAT Data Service.

We process the data needed to calculate VAT due.

Relevant business action data can be automatically integrated via APIs or file uploads. Interfaces to marketplaces and ERP systems are available or can be added on request.

In order to calculate the VAT due, the data provided is checked automatically and against rules for completeness and reportability. Missing information can be added automatically. All data can be corrected by the customer.

Complementary services are available on request. For example, the creation of VAT books when required by the tax authorities.

DutyPay makes VAT compliance affordable with its VAT Data Service.

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Service details

Included services:

  • Access to the cloud-based hub software including all available data interfaces.
  • Data processing volume for 5,000 data records within a month. A data record corresponds to a row in a table.
  • The data processing volume included can also be used for other DutyPay services in the HubSystem within one month. Unused data processing volume expires at the end of the month.
  • We always process all data records supplied. If the number of records supplied exceeds the number of data records contracted in total, the excess is calculated.
  • Any additional data processing will be charged at 0.001 EUR per data record.

Complementary services:

  • Translation services on request.
  • Data analysis services.
  • Creation of Pro-forma invoices.


DutyPay makes VAT compliance easy with automated data integration via APIs or file uploads.

Interfaces available for this service:

  • Amazon via SP-API - see Amazon Selling Partner Appstore
  • JTL via the integration tool JTL2DutyPay. Simple and secure data provision via the locally installed JTL-WaWi.
  • File upload - we provide several import mappings to upload data easily.

Missing integrations for marketplaces, web shop systems or ERP systems can be added and individually developed on request.

Service Requirement

DutyPay makes VAT compliance easy with its infrastructure and partner network.

To calculate compliance specific reporting data all VAT-relevant business action data must be provided.

VAT-relevant business action data is, for example, contained in data from following business events:

  • Sales:
    • Sales to consumers (B2C).
    • Sales to business customers (B2B).
    • Commingling buying and selling operations.
  • Cancellations:
    • Returned goods.
    • Granted refunds.
  • Stock transfers:
    • Transfers between warehouses, e.g. Amazon Fulfillment warehouses under Amazon's FBA program.
    • Storage into a warehouse.
    • Goods withdrawals from a warehouse.

Performance Period

DutyPay makes VAT compliance easy to plan.

A minimum performance period of one month is specified for the VAT Data Service and is automatically extended month by month.


DutyPay makes VAT compliance services easy to terminate.

Termination is possible at the end of the performance period with a notice period of at least 30 days to the end of a calendar month.

Single Order Prerequisite

DutyPay makes VAT compliance easily accessible.

  • Active Master Contract (free of charge) with DutyPay.
  • VAT registration in the contract country - see VAT Registration Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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