Intrastat compliance in Europe made easy

Time and cost savings with DutyPay’s Intrastat Services

Service Overview on Intrastat Compliance

DutyPay makes Intrastat compliance easy through Intrastat Services.

Intrastat reporting substituted customs declarations when customs border posts were closed within EU countries. This mandatory reporting scheme requires the submission of monthly of trade statistics to EU countries once certain thresholds are exceded. Registration and reporting is required separately for dispatches and arrivals of goods at applicable countries.

DutyPay provides services comprising of registration for Intrastat in all EU countries, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the submission of returns for dispatches and arrivals, and deregistrations. These include any correction or late submissions. For companies already reporting on Intrastat that DutyPay takes over, we offer a Setup Service.

Processes and data integration are automated wherever possible.

Our team of experts is always available to assist for individual compliance challenges.

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