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Our approach is to make it easy

Company approach

International e-commerce comes with many compliance obligations. We take a holistic approach on all compliance issues for our customers.

HubSystem approach

DutyPay makes compliance easy by grouping software and services by compliance domain into Hubs. We call this our HubSystem. For example, in TaxHub we group all our services for Value-Added Tax. It makes it easy for customers to focus on specific compliance obligations.

Each hub in the HubSystem includes software, services and rules. The rules identify compliance obligations from customer business actions.

Service approach

DutyPay makes compliance easy by looking beyond specific applications of each compliance domain.

Business actions generate compliance obligations in multiple domains. Companies may be unaware of this and find out only when authorities notify them.

Our portfolio of services covers many of these obligations. We continuously expand our services.

DutyPay also assists customers with unique compliance requirements. We apply our expertise, our technology and our network of partners to meet the challenge.

Technology approach

DutyPay makes compliance easy by applying the latest software technology, methods and tools. This enables us to provide secure and efficient services to our customers.

Compliance domains are going digital. This makes availability and archiving of business action data in digital form a legal imperative. This data must be available for scrutiny at any time to fulfil compliance obligations.

We integrate relevant business action data from e-commerce marketplaces and ERP systems, with APIs and file uploads into our HubSystem. We strive to maximize automation to meet compliance requirements.

Communication approach

DutyPay makes compliance easy by enabling customers to make safe and informed decisions.

Different languages and terminology meanings increase the complexity of international e-commerce. Misunderstandings in this area can quickly become expensive.

Our approach is to provide information in the language and terminology of our customers. We want our customers to understand their obligations and options.

Partner approach

DutyPay makes compliance easy by offering a broad range of competencies. Our team of experts is complemented by independent external partners to cover DutyPay’s holistic approach.

We are constantly expanding our network of partners and encourage professionals from all fields to cooperate with DutyPay.

All relationships with our customers and partners are conducted in the strictest confidence. This confidentiality excludes the publication of the partner network. If requested, we can provide our customers with specific contact information for our partners.

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