Coffee Tax compliance in Germany made easy

Time and cost savings with DutyPay’s Coffee Tax Services

Coffee Tax Setup Service

Service Description

Dutypay makes Coffee Tax compliance easy with the Coffee Tax Setup Service.

Appointment of an authorized representative and establishment of a list of goods is a prerequisite for the submission of Coffee Tax returns. DutyPay provides this representative service through its own group company, ExciseHub GmbH.

DutyPay makes Coffee Tax compliance affordable with its Coffee Tax Setup Service.

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Service Details

Services Included:

  • Form service and submission of the declaration nominating the authorized representative
  • Determination of the surety to be paid for projected Coffee Tax
  • Electronic forwarding of official letters

Additional Services:

  • Translation services
  • Data Analysis services

Service Requirement

DutyPay makes coffee tax compliance easy with easy-to-understand explanations./p>

The information and documents required may vary by company. We provide customized information to ensure Coffee Tax compliance for our customers.

Performance Period

DutyPay makes Coffee Tax compliance easy to plan.

Setting up for Coffee Tax is usually completed within a few days. Nevertheless, we set a Performance Period of three months. This period provides customers sufficient time to compile the necessary information and documents.


DutyPay makes Coffee Tax compliance services easy to terminate when they are no longer needed.

The Coffee Tax Setup Service will end automatically upon fulfilment or expiry of the Performance Period.

Single Order Prerequisite

DutyPay makes Coffee Tax compliance easily accessible.

Prerequisite to order the Coffee Tax Setup Service:

  • Active Master Contract (free of charge) with DutyPay

Frequently Asked Questions

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